PEAK Connect Shipment allows you to create shipments in PEAK programmatically, whether you need to generate bills of lading or want to pre-populate shipment details for order fulfillment.

Resource URL

QA: http(s)://

Production: http(s)://



Property NameRequiredFormatDefinition
companyNumberYCompany identifier supplied by Ascent
pickupDateYYYYY-MM-DDEarliest date the shipment is available for pickup
shipmentTypeY1 characterO == outbound, I == inbound, P == third-party
paymentTypeY1 characterP == pre-paid, C == collect
bolNumberN10 characters maximumBOL number for shipment
dockOpenTimeNEarliest time the shipment can be picked up on the pickupDate
dockCloseTimeNLatest time the shipment can be picked up on the pickupDate
specialInstructionsN255 characters maximumAny notes related to the shipment. This will appear on the BOL document
stopsYCollection of stop detailsSee below for the stop details. There must be 3 stops for each shipment – a Pickup, a Delivery and a Bill To
itemsYCollection of itemsSee below for item details
referencesNA collection of stringsThis can be used for any customer references needed, eg: PO Numbers
accessorialsNA collection of string providing accessorial codesSee below for the list of accepted accessorial codes

Stop Details


Property NameRequiredFormatDefinition
typeYSupported types: “Pickup”, “Drop”, “Bill To”
addressYan address detailSee below for address details

Address Details


Property NameRequiredFormatDefinition
nameYAddress name for the address
line1YStreet address line 1 for the address
line2YStreet address line 2 for the address
cityYCity name for the address
stateY2 charactersState/province code for the address
postalCodeY5 digit US Zip Code or 6 character Canadian postal codePostal code for the address
contactsYA collection of contact detailsSee below for contact details

Contact Details


Property NameRequiredFormatDefinition
nameYContact name
phoneY10 digit phone number.Contact phone number with area code – no extension
emailYvalid email addressContact email address

Item Details


Property NameRequiredFormatDefinition
descriptionY80 character maximum
lengthYdigits only
widthYdigits only
heightYdigits only
weightYdigits only
piecesYdigits only
nmfcClassYNMFC Class
nmfcItemNumberNNMFC Item Code
hazardousMaterialY1 characterAllowed values: “Y”, “N”

Accessorial Codes

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Accessorial CodeDefinition
ADDAdditional Charge
AFFAdditional after fuel charge
ALCHContains Alcohol
APPTAppointment Charge
ARNArrival Notice
BLNDBlind Shipment
BXNGBorder Crossing Fee
CONSConstruction Site Fee
CRBLCorrected BOL Fee
CSADCustoms Admin Fee
DICEContains Dry Ice
DTNTDetention Fee
FRKLForklift Service
FRZRFreezer Protection
FUELFuel Surcharge
GTEDGuaranteed Service
HAZMHaz Mat Fee
IACInspection of Shipment
INSDInside Delivery
INSPInside Pickup
LACDLimited Access Delivery
LACPLimited Access Pickup
LFGDLiftgate Destination
LFGPLiftgate Pickup
MARKMarking and Tagging
OVRDOver-Dimensional Freight
PRIOPriority Shipment
RECNReConsignment Fee
REDVRedelivery Fee
RESDResidential Delivery
RESPResidential Pick Up
SIGNDelivery Signature
SRTSSort and Segregate
SSHPSingle Shipment
STOPStop Off
TRSDTrade Show Delivery
TRSPTrade Show Pickup
UNLDUnloading Fee
WTIWeight and Inspection
WTVWeight Verification Fee