PEAK Connect

Integrate our PEAK technology into your current systems quickly and easily with PEAK connect.

What is PEAK Connect?

You can use our PEAK Connect endpoints to integrate your legacy system directly into the same technology backbone as our PEAK web portal. Our transportation management API seamlessly integrates the power of PEAK’s features into your ERP, WMS and other systems to maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.

Note to Developers: Ascent’s PEAK technology API is based on the REST pattern. Resources can handle JSON and XML input/output. Although some methods do not require authorization, all methods require an API key in the HTTP Request header in order to be fulfilled. Please contact us if you would like to use our API.


Resources for Developers

Click below to access support documentation for shipment rate quotes, bills of lading, electronic tendering and tracking.


Basic overview of how PEAK Connect APIs work.


Retrieve an access token for use in subsequent requests.

Customer Access

See carrier rates based on Ascent assigned customer numbers.


Gain access to instant carrier quotes.


Create shipments, generate bills of lading or pre-populate shipment details for order fulfillment.


Retrieve shipment documents programmatically.


Electronically book freight and schedule pickups based on your carrier selection.


Receive direct access to the carrier network to track shipments continuously.