Two Trillion Dollar Infrastructure Investment Planned

Following Tuesday’s meeting at the White House, the American Trucking Association (ATA) believes a fuel tax may be necessary for infrastructure repair funding. Truckers currently account for nearly half of the contributions to the Federal Highway Trust Fund, which funds improvements to highways, bridges and transit. Read more here.

Port of Houston Accounts for 10 Percent of United States’ Port-Supported Jobs

According to a report prepared by Martin Associates, 1.4 million people held jobs that were related to the transport of cargo through the Port of Houston in 2018. In the same year, The Port of Houston produced just under $802 billion in U.S. economic value. Read more here.


OOCL’s Long Beach Container Terminal to Sell for $1.78 Billion

After being acquired by China Ocean Shipping Company Limited (COSCO), OOCL entered a National Security Agreement with the U.S. that led to the sale of the terminal. Learn more here.

Drought Impacts Panama Canal Shipping

According to the Associated Press, Panama’s Gatun Lake is experiencing exceptionally low water levels due to an extreme drought. Consequently, The Panama Canal Authority has sanctioned limitations for ships traveling through the channel. Learn more here.

IMO Urged to Reduce Emissions By Implementing Global Speed Limit

The CEOs of 100+ international shipping companies wrote a letter to the IMO (International Maritime Organization) asking it to put carbon-saving global speed limits into effect. According to the IMO, 2.2 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions were the result of international shipping. Read more here.

Retail Consolidation

Walmart Launches New Intelligent Retail Lab Store

Walmart unveiled its new AI-powered retail location in Levittown, NY. The store plans to utilize artificial intelligence to oversee its stock, monitor the freshness of perishable goods and provide a more efficient experience for customers. Learn more about the store.

U.S. GDP Reaches Growth of 3.2 Percent in Q1 2019

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. economy’s Q1 growth has surpassed three percent for the first time since 2015. Learn more here.

Statistic of the Week

112,000 Barrels

The record volume of ethanol exported daily from the U.S. in 2018, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Click here to see more.

Links of the Week

FreightWaves Port Report for Week of April 29

Ocean Cargo Shipments to U.S. Demonstrated Growth in March 2019

Jacksonville Port Authority Welcomes Largest-Ever Container Vessel

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