How To Address Your Domestic Supply Chain Complexities

Industry experts predict that demand for industrial technology and manufacturing will continue to grow throughout the rest of 2019. Therefore, now is the time to partner with a third-party logistics partner who can provide the right mixture of technology and personalized service. See more here.

What Shippers Can Learn From The NEMF Bankruptcy Filing

On February 11, 2019, New England Motor Freight (NEMF) filed for bankruptcy. The filing could have significant implications for carriers and shippers who use NEMF. See more here.


US Government Shutdown Averted

On the afternoon of February 15, 2019, US President Donald Trump signed an emergency spending bill to avert a partial government shutdown. The legislation provides $333 billion worth of funding to several key Cabinet agencies through September 2019. See more here.

Congress Requests Product-Specific Exclusion Process From USTR

Congress has requested that the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) create the formal exclusion process for products outlined under the S301 List 3 tariffs. These tariffs for $200 billion worth of imports from China are scheduled to increase from 10 percent to 25 percent on March 2, 2019. See more here.

Guidance Issued For Importers Affected By Yantian Express Ship Fire

According to CBP, many shipments on board the Yantian Express were released electronically in early January; however, the status of many US-bound shipments remains unknown. The CBP has identified several solutions for importers who are concerned about the status of their cargo. See more here.

Retail Consolidation

Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, Attending The Upcoming Walmart Supplier Summit In Bentonville, AR

Prime Distribution Services, An Ascent Global Logistics Company, will be available to speak with Walmart suppliers at the Walmart Supplier Summit on February 26-27, 2019 in Bentonville, AR. If you are a supplier who is struggling with OTIF requirements, please contact us to schedule a time to meet with Prime in the Embassy Suites hotel lobby.

2018 Holiday Sales Grew 2.9 Percent, NRF Expects 3.8 Percent Growth In 2019

In the latest report from the National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday retail sales grew 2.9 percent to $707.5 billion in 2018. Because the NRF expects retail sales to increase 3.8 percent in 2019, retail suppliers should begin making preparations to their supply chains early in 2019 to prepare for the expected retail freight volume increases. See more here.

Statistic of the Week

1.4 Percent

The year-over-year increase in the 2018 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI), according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Click here to access more stats.

Links of the Week Offering Same Day Fresh Fish Delivery In New York City

AAR Reports Mixed Volumes For Week Ending February 9

What Can Fleet Managers Expect In 2019?

Trucking Bottlenecks In United States Cost Shippers Millions Of Dollars

Upcoming Events

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International Holiday Calendar

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