PEAK™ TMS from Ascent Global Logistics puts all of the information you need at your fingertips. There is no need to ever visit multiple carrier websites again.

In addition to the decade’s long relationship with our carrier partners and an unmatched staff of transportation professionals, a critical portion of Ascent Global Logistics’ Transportation Solutions is our online Transportation Management System (TMS), PEAK™ TMS.

PEAK™ TMS is a password protected freight management tool, allowing our clients to optimize service and cost for each shipment, create bills of lading and labels, as well as track, trace and communicate with the carrier community directly. With the power of PEAK™ Custom reports and shipment history are just a click away.

This powerful freight management tool provides:

  • Clarity

  • Savings

  • Productivity

  • Security

  • Simplicity

  • Transparency

  • Comprehensive Solutions

Through our cloud-based portal, you can use PEAK™ TMS anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Because you are in the driver’s seat for managing your supply chain, our system can easily integrate into your ERP so you can view your freight spend, live track a shipment in transit and share real-time information with your team.

Isn’t it time that you received better clarity and greater cost savings? With PEAK™ TMS, you can use our powerful custom reporting capabilities to generate real-time rates from all carriers and optimize service and cost for each shipment all through an easy-to-use, password protected interface.

Ready to start building your custom solution with PEAK™ TMS? Contact our team so we can help you start.

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