PEAK™ Audit & Pay

PEAK™ Audit & Pay allows you to control your cost savings through a rigorous auditing program. During our analysis, Ascent Global Logistics will capture information for actual carrier invoices, original bills of lading and delivery receipts.

Ascent Global Logistics’ PEAK™ Audit & Pay services will extend low-cost flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy to your freight management program. As your outsourced solution, we become an extension to your Traffic and Accounting functions, providing a professional and comprehensive “pre-audit” of all freight invoices. We can even perform a “post-audit” for all paid invoices up to 180 days old. As a result, you and your team are now free to concentrate on other important strategic business functions.

Receive the following benefits with our PEAK™ Audit & Pay services:

  • Comprehensive Pre-Audit

  • EDI 210 and Electronic Imaging

  • Duplicate Payment Protection

  • Online Customer Portal

  • Over 50 Data Elements Collected From Invoice, BOL and POD

  • Weekly and Monthly KPI Reporting

  • 100 Percent Of Audit Savings Are Yours To Keep

Select a level of Pre-Audit services that best meets your needs

Weekly carrier manifest showing Pro level detail, amount to pay, savings and more are provided. All invoices are audited for proper NMFC class, rates, and accessorial accuracy.  P.O.D.’s and Bill of Lading copies are attached to each invoice prior to payment and are verified for customer ownership.

Reports are customized for your company

Monthly and Quarterly specialized reports are available: General Ledger Cost Allocation, Detailed Audit Savings, Accrual Report and complete data extract files are available to those looking to create and manage their own reporting.

Freight Payment

You choose how to pay your carrier freight invoices. Pay directly through your corporate A/P department or allow us to pay them for you each week. No escrow needed, just submit 1 weekly check or ACH transmission to us, as we disburse payment to the carriers each week.

Ready to start building your custom solution with PEAK™ TMS? Contact our team so we can help you start.

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