ERP Integrations

Planning integrations with your current ERPs can be challenging. Fortunately, Ascent Global Logistics offers custom ERP integrations to help you effectively manage your supply chain.

Using our robust technology along with our years of transportation expertise, we will begin compiling a comprehensive review of all your transportation costs – inbound and outbound freight, third party, small parcel and full truckload shipments.

During the review, we will also focus on trends and additional opportunities that will ultimately reduce your overall net landed costs. Once completed we will provide you with a presentation that will foster further discussion on how best we can proceed in assisting you in achieving your transportation goals.

Step 1: Start With Your Current System

Your orders can come from any source and be in any format (Database, CSV, XLS, XML, JSON and more). From real-time updates to daily feeds, we can accommodate your needs.

We will begin the ERP Integration process by learning your business and your logic – that way, we can ensure your shipments are set up based on your current business processes.

We offer legacy system support ( AS400, MAS, Oracle, SQL Server, and more) to ensure this is possible.

Step 2: Your Shipments Are Auto-Created

Shipments are auto-created based on your orders. With as few elements as an order number to enough information to book the shipment, we can create TMS shipments from your order.

  • TMS Shipments Built Automatically.
  • TMS Shipments Cancelled Automatically.
  • No More Redundant Data Entry.
  • TMS Shipments Are Ready Before You Are.

Step 3: Use Your System The Way You Want To

Just because you have automated the shipment building process doesn’t mean you need to change the way you utilize the TMS. Continue to build shipments and interact the same way you always have built them.

  • Make Decisions Using Carrier Comparisons.
  • Generate all the Required Paperwork.
  • Electronically Tender Shipments Directly to the Carrier.
  • Keep a Watchful Eye as you Track your Shipments.
  • Run Reports and Keep On Top of your Transportation.

Step 4: Receive Your Information Back From Us

At a point you define, we will send the TMS information back to you and even update your order.  Our TMS is filled with information information, from freight cost to last known tracking position. We can populate your system with this information and more.

  • Freight Costs and Carrier Allocation
  • Pickup and Delivery Dates and Times
  • Automated Completion of the Order Fulfillment Process.

Ready to start building your custom solution? Contact our team so we can help you start.

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